Returning to tumblr after a long absence caused by school, work, and various other reasons. This time I want to bring a new spin to my blog by displaying anything I find interesting; Cars or other. Customization says a lot about a person. It is their way of leaving their mark and showing the world their unique qualities. This can be done through the preservation of originality or breaking the mold entirely. Anything with can be special, but this site is for the special things with wheels ;)
Racing rocks

haven’t posted in a few weeks and its because I’ve been really busy with some nice ass cars.  At my install job, I’ve worked on a 78 Firebird and a 73 Cutlass just this week.  Went to the ALMS race at Lime Rock park.  I took a ton of pictures and I’ve started to post some.  More are coming so expect lots of race cars.  P.S. Valente, you were on to something with the Pumas, they’re dam comfy.

nothing like a matched set…and spares.
for all you bike lovers, these were in a tent with one of the Porsche GT3 cup teams.  A pair of mean as hell modern choppers.
modern and vintage together
I can’t believe I actually saw one of these.  one expensive go-kart.
I want this.


Mississippi Queen, 
Do You Know What I Mean? 


vanishing point ftw

1970 Plymouth catalog, all colors available !!

so much color, creativity,and individuality. we need more color!
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